Mold Cleanup and Removal

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Mold Cleanup and Removal

Mold can be caused by a number of different things. Whether it’s water damage, condensation, or even poor ventilation, mold can be a problem for any home or business. Service Professionals can assist you with properly removing mold spores from your home or office. Mold does not stop at the surface. Mold grows below the surface level, causing damage to your walls, ventilation systems, or anywhere else in your home or office that has a substantial amount of moisture. Mold, if it is not treated properly, can not only lead to property damage, but also cause a number of illnesses. If you are experiencing any problems with mold, give Service Professionals a call to properly treat and restore your home or office.

Is there mold in my home?

Most black mold has a strong musty odor that can be smelled when the heating or air conditioning is being used. Another way to find black mold is to look for stains or discoloration on the walls of the room you suspect is contaminated with mold. Although the term “black mold” is commonly used, the color of mold can vary from a dark green to black. The moisture that causes black mold may cause the paint on your walls to peel away, which is another sign of black mold growth.

Is it dangerous?

Finding mold in a home or business can be serious if not taken care of quickly. Black mold feeds on the damp surfaces it thrives off of, releasing mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are gases that can cause headaches, flu-like symptoms, nausea, and severe allergic reactions.  If a person is more prone to airborne pollutants than others, they may experience severe respiratory distress from being exposed to black mold. Long-term exposure to black mold can cause lung disease.

How do I get rid of it?

Once black mold has been discovered, it is important to hire a professional mold company or cleaning services company to completely eradicate this threat from your home. A professional can seal the area to prevent the spread of black mold spores and remove and replace contaminated structures, like moldy insulation and drywall. Once the mold is removed, it is important to take steps to prevent black mold from returning, such as correcting poor ventilation, repairing any leaks, and taking care of damaged pipes before they become a problem.

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